World Alzheimer's Day-September 21st

World Alzheimer’s Day, September 21st of each year, is a day on which Alzheimer’s institutions around the world focus their efforts on raising awareness about Alzheimer’s with the objective of raising awareness about the disease and reducing its social impacts. Alzheimer's Disease Awareness is represented by the color purple. There is some representation with an elephant. The elephant is a symbol because it has strong memory. Wearing purple and the purple ribbon for Alzheimer's is considered to be a sign of support for sufferers and their families The disease is named after the German physician Aloys Alzheimer, who described it in 1906 after he noticed anatomical changes in the brain tissue of a woman, who had died of an unusual mental illness.

Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia, leading to a continuous decline in memory and thinking skills. Dementia progresses when the brain is damaged by diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. The brain is made up of billions of nerve cells that establish communication. In Alzheimer’s disease, networks between these cells are lost. Every 3 seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. Please visit Alzheimer page for further detail. (

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